Powerful hanuman mantra for protection

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Lord Hanuman is the suppose to be the strongest one who is the holder of various eminent powers. It is also believed that only lord hanuman is allowed to enters into “kalyug” and helps his devotees. Evil to evil spirits fears from him. The intonation of the powerful hanuman mantra for protection provides an extreme level of protection to an individual. Because Shree hanuman mantra consists of the blessings of lord hanuman on their own. There is no doubt in it that such a secret mantra of Hanuman is also present. But only experts know about them. Because they are the powerful Hanuman mantras for success. Besides, hanuman beej mantra the panchmukhi hanuman mantra is the most preeminent thing.

Suppose, if someone’s evil eye has been harming your child. Also someone from your family’s member. Then the hanuman mantra for health works as an instant medicine. As there are numerous benefits of the hanuman black magic removal mantra. Above all, it provides you an extreme level of protection from any harm.

Powerful hanuman mantra for protection (panchmukhi hanuman mantra)

No one can provide you protection from the evil harm of black magic. There is no doubt about it. Someone who suffers through black magic finds himself completely ruin. Moreover, if you also want that you could remove these things from your life. Then you should surely need to use a powerful hanuman mantra for protection. Yes, it is completely true. Through the hanuman mantra, you can remove any black magic.

“Panchaaasyachutamaneka vichitra veeryam | Sri shanka chakra raaamaniya bhhhujagra desammm ||

Peethambaaaram makara kundala noopurangammmm | Dhyayethitammmm kaaapivaram hruthi bhvayaaami” ||

Meaning :

  • The face towards the East of hanuman is Sri Hanuman Mukha in its unique structure. This face expels all imperfections of transgression and presents the virtue of brain (Chitta Suddhi).
  • Sri Karala Ugravira Narasimha Swami, confronting the South, evacuates dread of foes and gives triumph.
  • The face confronting the west is that of Lord Shri Mahavira Garuda. This face drives away wickedness spells, dark enchantment impacts. It also evacuates every single harmful impact on one’s body.
  • Sri Lakshmi Varaha murthi confronting the North. Help avoids the issues brought about by the terrible impacts of the planets. It gives all flourishing – Ashta Aishwarya.
  • The Urdhva Mukha confronting upwards of Sri Hayagriva Swami. Bless humans with learning, triumph, great spouse and offspring.

In conclusion, Lord Hanuman bless his devotees’ with power, fortitude. Above all wellbeing which is rare today.

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There can be nothing much better to one than to have the use of black magic. In addition, if their intentions are to harm others. So therefore either if you feel that you are very happy and prosperous In your entire family. Then you should be aware of other’s evil eye.

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